Crowdfunding is a way of connecting people with ideas to people willing to fund them, and it has helped some innovators skip the step of applying for a bank loan to get their start. It's the preferred method of raising startup cash by people without the financial track record, or collateral, that a bank requires before offering loans.

Smith and his 'Golden' quartet join forces with the video artist Jesse Gilbert to deliver a concert-fleuve which transcends his sound to confirm Smith's status as an engaged citizen activist as well as a key figure in the development of creative music, written and improvised alike.

The Greek Film Archive is honored to present a big retrospective tribute to Elia Kazan titled Report to Elia Kazan, which comprises almost all of the films by the master filmmaker. This is the fourth event organized by the Greek Film Archive in the framework of the project "Cinephilia in the New Age" included in the NSRF 2007-­‐ 2013, from October 9 till 22, 2014.

The international competitive Be there! Corfu Animation Festival (16-19 October 2014, Corfu) has the pleasure to announce the participation of 14 US films in its official program, a record number from its previous editions.

Lee Mark Ranaldo, a native of the suburbs of New York on Long Island, emerged through the musical ferment that stirred the American city in the late 70s and early 80s. The movement was named No Wave and swept the underground art scene and identified the fusion of visual art and music, the refusal of the melody and rhythmicity of the blues rock and the noise sound carpet of the bankrupted city.

Cat Power, aka Chan Marshall, one of the most important singer-songwriters of indie-alternative rock scene, comes to Athens for a solo concert on Friday, November 21, at the Fuzz Live Music Club.

5 actors on a platform 1 x 1,60 cm create the set, take care of the music, the sounds, the visual effects of the performance using as single tools their bodies and their voices.

Young Frank is an architect. He lives in New York with his grandfather, the great Frank, and their dog, Eddie. The two architects have a very different view of what architects make for people. This story tells how a visit to the Museum of Modern Art, New York makes Frank feel a little older and big Frank feel younger - and a little wiser.

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