After three intensive days of presentations and cooperation with their "Hack the Camp" mentors, ten teams of programmers, refugees, designers, social entrepreneurs, humanitarian workers, educators, and artists competed with their proposals during the final phase of the hackathon creative marathon to find sustainable, scalable solutions for refugee issues in Greece.

This week, the Insider's Guide takes you through a judgment-free city where "what is wrong in America is ten times worse here and what is right in America, is ten times more right here."

Pioneertown was originally built as a stage for film – almost 200 Westerns have been filmed there! Today, it is a historical landmark for Western movie buffs and one of the largest protected natural areas in America.

From the flux installation of Phillip K. Smith III in Coachella to the bizarre exhibition park with inspired works of art from by Kenny Irwin in his home's 16-acre backyard, this episode of the Insider's Guide takes you through the art world of Palm Springs.

In Episode 1 of the Insider's Guide we travel to Palm Springs, California to admire its unique architecture and learn why so many fascinating people have built their lives in the desert.

The Insider's Guide goes beyond the popular imagery of the U.S. from movies and TV shows. Inspiring stories of entrepreneurial energy, government-private sector collaboration, and community involvement are set against the stunning backdrop of some of the most remarkable sites in the United States.

Made in USA is an interdisciplinary festival which seeks to introduce us the "new" American avant-garde, artists who have impacted contemporary performing arts scene since the late 1990s with their cutting edge stage forms at the borderlines between theatre, performance, dance, cinema, and installation.

Impact Hub Athens, the Onassis Cultural Center and the U.S. Embassy in Athens are joining forces for Hack the Camp, a two-part hackathon on refugee and integration challenges.

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