Our mission has been to reshape attitudes towards disability by educating students and a wider public through experiential learning, motivational campaigns and joint activities.

Satire and parody are meant to attack, scorn and ridicule, even to the point of blurring the line between truth and outrageousness. Favorite targets are politics and religion. The French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo is part of a long tradition of using humor to lambast political and religious figures and movements.

Check out the videos on Jonathan "Bionic" Bayani, who just finished his tour with Cirque Du Soleil and he will make a quick stop in Athens for Hip Hop International (HHI) Greece, March 28, 2015 before he returns to his dancing gigs with G-Dragon and Taylor Swift. Jonathan will serve as a judge and give a special show at the HHI competition, and will lead workshops for local hip hop crews. He is coming to Greece with the support of the U.S. Embassy

Between January 16 and 31, 2015 and 21.00 at the Folklore & Museum of Xanthi. The Film Club of F.E.X. in collaboration with the American Corner in Xanthi and the Consulate General of the USA in Thessaloniki take us on a trip to the other side of the Atlantic.

Athens Video Dance Project is an annual videodance festival that takes place in Athens, Greece. Organized since 2010, it attracts short videodance works of any genre, feature-length dance films and documentaries, dance photo projections, dance performances and installations, while it also provides a place for any hybrid, interactive, technological project whose main objective is to develop an artistic dialogue between dance and different art forms.

Our beloved dark crooner Mark Lanegan, returns with a mini tour in Greece. He performs live at Gagarin 205 music space in Athens on March 19th, in Principal Club Theater in Thessaloniki on March 20th and at Lab Art in Volos on March 21st.

Kovacs comes to Athens to haunt us with her deeply romantic and dark voice on February 6th 2015 at Principal Club Theater in Thessaloniki and on February 7th at Gagarin 205 Music Space.

On January 21st, the Association of Friends in Athens of the American Farm School of Thessaloniki, Greece, invites you to participate in its first of a series of lectures a lecture on aromatic herbs which is going to be held at the American School of Classical Studies (Cotsen Hall - 9 Anapiron Street, Kolonaki).

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