This year's Iowa Writers' Workshop is taking place August 23-November 11, and will feature the participation of Auguste Corteau, joining more than 20 writers from all over the world in this prestigious program.

Continuing its artistic activities on the island of Mykonos in collaboration with curator Sozita Goudouna, the Aegeanale arts and culture platform inaugurates its program for 2014 with Kivotos Art Projects at Kivotos Hotel, Ornos Mykonos.

After the great success in the Athens International Festival and in its tour around Greece, the performance "Philoctetes" by Sophocles is being staged at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Athens on September 4th.

Two years ago a group of people visited the abandoned semi-mountainous ghost village of the Old Vlahata at Kefallonia island. For three days the place recalled the people born and raised there by organizing a music festival with important names of the greek stage.

Depression Era is a group of artists, researchers, writers, architects, journalists and theoreticians based in Athens, who came together with the sole purpose of recording the crisis in Greece, through images and texts.

"It's better to try to prevent a potentially fatal illness than it is to wait until the child gets the illness and is at increased risk for dying," Mofenson said. Older children are considered to be less at risk from malaria because they tend to develop natural immunity against the disease as they get older.

"Africa is no longer a sleeping giant but is awake and open for business." These words from a rising South African leader at last week's Young African Leaders Summit could not be more accurate: Africa might well be the biggest market opportunity in the global economy today, and U.S. companies cannot afford to miss out.

The aim is to approach in a philosophical, economic and institutional way, the human factor and its development into economic recession environments.

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