More than forty media and journalism students had the opportunity to spend a whole weekend at Athens Impact Hub (May 20-22), where they created their own teams and were asked to produce and design original entrepreneurial projects to introduce to a jury of media, business, and marketing and information technology specialists.

NEON and the New Museum invite you to participate in the open call for the residency program IdeasCity Athens—the next edition of the New Museum's high-profile platform that explores the future of cities with arts and culture as driving forces—which will take place September 19–24, 2016.

This is the third time that the U.S. Embassy in Athens is sponsoring a study visit for career center directors of Greek university and technical colleges to promote youth employment in Greece.

2 weeks ago I was visiting Washington DC for the first time, for a business trip with my husband.

The Advertising and Public Relations Lab, with the collaboration of Panteion University's MA Program on New Media and Journalism of Communications, Media and Culture Department, and support from the U.S. Embassy in Athens, are hosting the first Athens Startup Weekend - Entrepreneurial Journalism in Athens, May 20-22, at Athens Impact Hub.

Citing potential health risks, the U.S. government announced in May that electronic cigarettes will be regulated just like other tobacco products.

Big Bang is an exciting festival of music for a young audience; as hosts of the event, major cultural centers in Europe will transform their venues into adventurous musical labyrinths.

Most of the time when Americans vote, they're choosing officeholders to make and enforce the laws. But twenty-four states and Washington allow citizens at times to bypass legislators and vote directly on an issue through procedures known as initiative and referendum.

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