Chrysanthos “Chris” Dellarocas is professor of Information Systems and director of the Digital Learning Initiative at Boston University. His primary fields of study are online reputation, the disruptive effects of social media, and collective intelligence.

Matt Kovalakides, best known as Matt Koval, has gained worldwide popularity via Youtube. He’s the creator and director of videos uploaded to his personal Youtube channel and he was recently hired to work as a strategist with the major video-sharing website.

Alexandra spoke to the U.S. Embassy’s George Vorvolakos about the pleasures and challenges of her work. For us this is a special segment, as the Embassy has done several programs with career counseling center directors around Greece over the last two years.

Penny Manis is the Director of Business Programming at CNN International in New York. Her family comes from Patras, and she is a first-generation Greek-American who grew up in New Jersey.

Aliki Theofilopoulos works at Walt Disney Television Animation as a director, and is the creator and co-producer of the «Unnamed Project». She is also the designer, writer and lyricist for the animated series «Phineas and Ferb.» She started her career at Disney with renowned films "Hercules" and «Mulan.»

On what it's like working for Twitter:
"It's a great work environment. You enjoy great freedom in what you want or do not want to do."

George Mastras is a director, screenwriter, producer and author. He is mostly known for his writing and producing one of the most awarded series in television, the 2 times Golden Globe awarded, “Breaking Bad”.

Dr. Drosatos and colleagues are now turning their attention to humans, expanding their research in human cells. “If the treatments are beneficial, as they have been in mice, we hope to soon be interacting with clinical groups to translate our studies to human patients,” he said.

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