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The Future is Now: Evolving Museum Strategy, Programming and Communication

The fourth installment of the Museum Conference co-organized by the Benaki Museum, the U.S. Embassy in Athens and the British Council, will examine the shifts – both internal and external – that museums and cultural institutions experience. Museum managers, curators and artists from Greece, the UK and U.S. will meet to discuss the future of the museum and the museum of the future.

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More or less: International Public Art Festival

The exhibition More or Less examines the nature of work of the six artists, aiming to highlight their common characteristics and alongside, to provide adequate emphasis on their diverse aesthetic dimension. From September 28 till October 10 at the Benaki Museum.

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Depression Era

Depression Era is a group of artists, researchers, writers, architects, journalists and theoreticians based in Athens, who came together with the sole purpose of recording the crisis in Greece, through images and texts.

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From June 26 this exhibition marks the second collaboration between the DESTE Foundation and the Benaki Museum. Through a series of solo and group contemporary art exhibitions hosted at the Benaki Museum, this collaboration between the two institutions aims to promote new and radical developments in contemporary art practice, introduce upcoming artists and important artwork to a wider public, and help inspire novel curatorial approaches.

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Documentary showing "From both sides of Aegean. Expulsion and Exchange of populations, Turkey - Greece, 1922-1924"

Director Maria Iliou and historical consultant Alexander Kitroeff who, in 2012, presented the documentary SMYRNA THE DESTRUCTION OF A COSMOPOLITAN CITY 1900-1922 at the Benaki Museum as well as in movie theaters, now present Part II entitled FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE AEGEAN, which deals with the Expulsion and Exchange of populations between Turkey and Greece in 1922-1924, once again bringing to audiences unpublished images forgotten in "locked" file cabinets in America and Europe as well as a new perspective.

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