The Next Generation Entrepreneurs – the difference that makes the Difference

31 January 2018

At the dawn of 2018, Robert Dilts, internationally known for having modeled world-class game changers like St. Jobs, E. Musk and J. Bezos, will visit Athens Greece, as his first world-round stop, to present for the first time, his famous Success Factor Modeling SFM™ at a 2-day event

“Next Generation Entrepreneurs - The Difference that Makes the Difference”
The event will be held on Feb 7 & 8 at the Athens Concert Hall/Music Library of Greece “Lilian Voudouri”.

Robert Dilts is one of the world’s top entrepreneurial facilitators and leading Expert on Genius Thinking. Having studied the “mechanics of the mindset” of genius, outstanding personalities and of a new generation of entrepreneurs, he identified the key elements of their thought and action that led them not only to achieve their personal ambition, but also, combined with their desire for contribution, growth and fulfillment, to influence and transform the way we live and do business.

Based on the premise “Success can be modeled”, Dilts developed the Success Factor Modeling SFM™ which is applied by top global organizations such as Microsoft, World Bank, Αpple, EY, IBM, Mercedes Benz.

The power of SFM™ is that it focuses on the intimate relationship between mindset, actions and outcomes and identifies the entire chain of all factors, necessary to consistently reach a successful outcome or to achieve something remarkable. It is about discovering “the differences that makes the difference” between poor, average and exceptional performance.

At this 2-day Signature Class, participants will
> Learn about the mechanics of mindset of game changers and identify essential elements
> Explore their own critical & defining qualities
> Synthesize them to generativity and innovative thinking
> Create the conditions, necessary to accelerate in a fast-moving world

The event is addressed to company owners, senior management, start-uppers, social entrepreneurs and every professional who instead of just doing a job, wishes to live his or her life and make a difference.
The Signature Class is organized by Synolic® Development Systems, Dilts’ Strategic Partner for Greece and Cyprus and is under the Auspices of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.

For more information: 
Yanis Athanasopoulos E:  Τ: 210 62 33 450 – 2

About Synolic ® Development Systems
Synolic ® Development Systems specializes in integrating and applying the latest discoveries in the mechanics of mindset, in leading-edge scientific approaches and whole brain models, to release resourcefulness and generativity in people’s ventures on multiple levels. Allying with a global network of strategic experts, it aims at organizations and professionals to impact and succeed in shifting to new paradigms, to accelerate in a fast moving world, to consistently reach a successful outcome or to achieve something remarkable.

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