Greeks Gone West: Meet Alexandra Cavoulacos, founder and Chief Operating Officer of The Muse,

14 November 2017

In 2011 Cavoulacos left a prestigious job as a consultant at McKinsey to set up, with two other women, a site that would improve the way people sought and found jobs. Since then the Muse has helped over 30 million people with their careers. The site’s most recent feature, introduced in early November, is Coach Connect, a service that matches career counselors with clients. In addition to being COO, she is head of the product and operations team.

She’s also responsible for the personalized MuseFeed, which allows thousands of individuals to tailor their career support and job search. Her father, born in Athens, has roots in Mani and Izmir. (Her mother’s side is from Belgium and Hungary.) Alexandra grew up outside Paris and at one point even worked at the U.S. Embassy off Place de la Concorde. In 2015 Forbes magazine included her in the its annual "30 under 30" list of young media makers, influencers and game changers. TIME magazine described her as a "champion" in the field, noting that "The Muse is a must follow for anyone interested in learning the secrets of job searches, productivity, and other tricks of the workplace trade."

Alexandra spoke to the U.S. Embassy’s George Vorvolakos about the pleasures and challenges of her work. For us this is a special segment, as the Embassy has done several programs with career counseling center directors around Greece over the last two years. In her own words... On taking risks: "The biggest risk I took was to leave McKinsey and start The Muse. But I think if you have a burning desire, or an idea that needs to be implemented, what is the worst that can happen to you? This is what I thought. When I took the decision, I knew I had to do it because The Muse had to be created."

On The Muse: "On The Muse it’s a lot more than just search. It’s about discovery. What we do is we go and find companies that have something really exciting, maybe not for everyone, but for a personality type. Everywhere from Facebook, to Uber, to Gucci, to Geico to and NPR, plus small businesses and non-profits. We go inside the companies and do photo and video profiles of what it’s like to work there. What’s exciting for that what we’re building right now is so in line with our original vision." On her goals: "We have helped over 30 million people since we started the site. We think this has the potential to be THE career site in the world for everyone. If I’m still working on The Muse and we’re having an impact on people, that’s fantastic."

You can catch her video here: 

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