Greeks Gone West: Meet Alexia Tsotsis, the Greek woman who made it to the Forbes list of up-and-coming journalists under 30!

26 January 2018

Alexia Tsotsis was editor of TechCrunch, one of the most popular tech blogs around the world, starting in 2010, a position which she decided to leave in 2015 to attend a graduate program at Stanford University.

She studied English Language and Literature at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Immediately after graduation she moved to New York to work in media. Before starting her career at TechCrunch, Alexia was the head of SF Weekly in San Francisco, writing about the tech scene and human behavior in the digital age.

At TechCrunch she wrote about new companies and had the opportunity to interview important figures such as the founder and CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom. In 2011 she first appeared on the list of «30 Under 30: Rising Stars of Media List», i.e. the 30 year-olds considered rising media personalities.

In her own words...

On how it all began:
"When the market collapsed in 2008, I could not find a job as a secretary or clerk at a shop. So I ended up moving back with my parents, which is very embarrassing. So I tried to become a freelance journalist. I started covering events, attending and describing what happened there. One of the events was a tech event. All participants were engaged in social media, Twitter had just launched, it was 2008 so that article became popular online. So my boss said to me, ‘can write another similar story?’ I covered one more tech event and suddenly I became the girl that covered tech."

On TechCrunch:
"I have received many offers to become a reporter or a tech columnist but the only company that had not offered me a job was TechCrunch, and it was the only one I wanted to join. I met with the Founder and asked him to hire me, which he did immediately. The salary was lower there than anywhere else, which was funny. The reason I accepted was that the founder of TechCrunch Michael Arrington asked me ‘is there any other place where you will learn more than here?’ and I said: ‘no.’ And he was right."

On women in tech:
"It’s a little bit limiting when you are automatically not included just because of what you were born as, women executives are starting to pop up to top roles but sexism is not entirely gone. Sexism is very much alive."

On what the future holds:
"One of the reasons I am interested in startups, is perhaps providing remedy for the crisis in my own country, in Greece. If you invent something or you make something or build a platform, you can actually create jobs not just for yourself but for other Greeks around you. I think that that entrepreneurial impetus and that risk is going to be very important in the 21st century."

Watch her video here: 

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