Dr. Christos Kyratsous Dr. Christos Kyratsous

The Greek head of research for the coronavirus vaccine in New York

13 May 2020

Dr. Christos Kyratsous, vice president and head of research on infectious diseases and technology at Regeneron, is in charge of research into the coronavirus vaccine in New York.

The 39-year-old scientist, who was included in the Business Insider magazine as one of the 30 people worldwide who are expected to transform the future of health services, is the one who found the cure for Ebola a few years ago, saving the lives of hundreds of people who were one step away from death.

The Greek researcher from Kozani, studied at the Department of Pharmacy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, while, in 2004, he did his doctorate at Columbia University in New York and then went to NYU for two years.

Christos Kyratsous was honored in 2009 for his academic performance with the Columbia University School of Medicine Award (2009 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research) and, in 2011, began working at Regeneron in the United States, where he remains to this day.

In August 2014, the Ebola epidemic was on the rise in Africa and the company began research. The research team, whose Dr. Kyratsous was in charge of research into the selection of antibodies, until Christmas, had found the three antibodies needed to develop a successful treatment. “If, for example,” explains the Greek scientist, “someone is infected with the coronavirus, their immune system will make antibodies against the virus. We try to emulate this process and produce the most effective antibodies, which when given to a patient will stick to the virus and stop it from spreading.

The team uses exactly the same technologies it used to make antibodies against Ebola. They showed in a clinical trial that antibodies work and reduce mortality against this virus and hope that with the same technologies they will achieve something similar and that the antibodies they will develop for the coronavirus will prove to be just as effective.


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