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Symposium: Gender & Identity

Α symposium for gender identities and sexual orientation by Onassis Cultural Centre, national LGBTQ+ helpline 11528, Deree - The American College of Greece and the U.S. Embassy in Athens.

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Outview Film Festival 2015

Outview Film Festival 2015, from May 7 to 15, in collaboration with Neo Films, presents the film that won the Queer Palm at the Cannes Film Festival 2014: «Pride». Award winning film will be the official opening film of the Outview Film Festival on May 7 at 20:30 at the Greek Film Archive.

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3rd Thessaloniki Pride

On June 20 and 21, Thessaloniki is welcoming for the third year the Thessaloniki Pride. Since this year, the city bears the title of European Youth Capital, the festival is part of the program and dedicated to-what else? - The youth.

Addressing the issue of bullying

The problem is that a lot of students feel like they've talked to their school and most commonly they say that teachers are not doing anything about it. I those cases it is very important for them to tell a parent because they then need to advocate for them in school.

Coming Out

Successful advocates for gay rights tells what it was like for them or their loved ones to come out of the closet and what would help the next LGBT generation to thrive.

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8th Outview Film Festival

"Not political, but exerts political power through the art"

From May 15-25, 2014, at the Film Archive, 8th Outview Film Festival will be presenting the strongest program to date. With over 70 films, Masterclasses, workshops, events, more prizes, and featured artists, and for the first time so many guests directors, through partnerships with embassies, institutes and strong media, this festival is a film happening in our city that can boast to be a progressive and open city even during the crisis.

Freedom from Fear: Creating Safe Spaces for LGBT Youth

Despite recent legal and social progress, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals continue to face intolerance and inequality around the world. LGBT youth in particular face discrimination, harassment and violence in their communities, at school and at home. In short, many of them live in fear.

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U.S. Ambassador Pyatt to American Citizens on COVID-19

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