Greeks Gone West: Konstantin Kakanias, painter and multimedia artist

26 October 2015

Konstantin Kakanias is a draughtsman, painter, animator, sculptor, ceramicist, gardener, and all-around demiurge. His work has appeared in many gallery shows and international media, including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and the The Observer. Kakanias has close links with the fashion world, having collaborated on a book with DVF - Diane von Furstenberg and on ad campaigns with Tiffany & Co.andBarneys New York.

Born in Athens in 1961, he now splits his time between Athens and Los Angeles. He has led a peripatetic life, having studied and worked in Egypt and France before moving to California.

Kakanias is perhaps best-known for the character Mrs. Tependris, a society maven and art collector. She appeared in 1996, as an illustration for a piece in the Times, and since then has developed into a recurring "metaphor for the state of modern art and its superficial acceptance by the public."

Testament to his wide-ranging interests, his newest project is a series of eight fabric and three wallpaper designs for the renowned American interior designer Michael S. Smith.
Here Kakanias welcomes us to his home and studio in Los Angeles.

In his own words...

On his love for drawing:
"Drawing is my work and I have been drawing ever since I was a child. The school in Greece I did not like at all. I had no interest in classes, textbooks, but my books were always full of sketches."

On his art:
"All these years I have applied my skills in every possible field and I want to do even more. I create animation, sculptures, textiles, installations, performances, embroidery. I have a bank full of ideas and plans and I feel rich. People have millions in the bank, I have ideas."

On Mrs. Tependris:
"Mrs. Tependris is a mythical creature of many people. It incorporates several elements, but has the traits of a woman from my childhood. Mrs. Tependris is not exactly mine. Even you can think of an idea or an adventure and I wii gladly draw it. Sometimes I want to stop her, other times I feel like completely overwhelmed, sometimes I hate her, but then she comes back. She has her own life." 

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