Greeks Gone West: Meet the journalist from Crete with two Emmys and six Associated Press awards

18 December 2015

KRON 4 Vicki Liviakis is news anchor in the San Francisco Bay area who has received two prestigious Emmy Awards for Best Entertainment Program and Best on Camera Performance, six Associated Press awards, a Best Documentary and Mini Series award from the Radio-Television News Directors Association, and honors from American Women in Radio and Television.

Born in Sacramento, California, her mother's family comes from Kalamata and Corinth and her father's from Crete. She studied Journalism at the University of California at Berkeley, and in 2001 she joined KRON 4 News television station where she works as a weekend news anchor, reporter, and host of feature shows like "Dine and Dish."

In her own words...

On her role:
"I am a news anchor, correspondent, sometimes I shoot my own stories, I do editing, write and research. Is there anything I don't do?"
"I have been shot at, interrogated, I have stayed in rat trap motels. One day my son said to me, "Mom, you need to change your job," and I replied: "I do not know what else to do." Then luck smiled on me and I met an old friend who he told me that the Travel Channel was looking for someone to present a show. I had traveled so much and in so many places that I knew much more and could talk endlessly about travel, so they understood that I knew the job. "

On narrating a difficult story:
"Years ago one of my stories really got a lot of play. I followed the women gang El Sereno, in Los Angeles. They are a tough group. The most frightening was the youngest of the gang, an 18-year-old mother with a newborn and a three-year child. Her specialty was doing hits. Drive by shootings. I said to her, "You just gave birth to a child and you take lives, how to reconcile these two?" She said: "I don't know, it's just fun watch them drop."

On the importance of telling good stories:
"I feel that I'm still scratching the surface. My storytelling style is changing, my heart is changing. I think I might turn more to documentary films. There is so much interest and the world is embracing that form of storytelling. I just live for a good story."

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