Women Changing Greece / Episode 3: Be Bold for Human Rights

12 May 2017

In the third episode, two women share their civil society experiences in the United States.

Sabiha Suleiman, president of the Women's Cultural Association of Drosero Xanthi, "Hope", took part in the 2010 International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) for Minority Issues. "The goal is to make Roma children become scientists as well. Have a normal life like any Greek and European citizen. What is considered normal for non-Roma should not be a luxury for us. This is the first time that a woman enters a Roma camp and asks for things, "she states in the video. "For me, everything i learned was very useful, and I think many of these i have already applied" she says about her experience in the U.S.

Eleni Gklegle, a human rights lawyer, participated in the 2004 International Visitor Leadership Program. "One who is not part of the many nowadays, often does not get the same treatment as the rest. So while many Roma nowadays, while they have taken positions in social, political, scientific life, do not say they are Roma," he explains in the video. She stresses that her experience in America has changed her life and career since she was contacted in 2005 by the Foreign Ministry to represent the first victim of trafficking in Greece under the new law. "It was the first conviction that Greece won against trafficking. I would not have accepted the case if I did not have the valuable experience from the U.S.," she says.

Throughout May, U.S. EMBASSY ATHENS will showcase the work of women who are #ExchangeAlumni, who visited the States on U.S.-government sponsored programs. In the videos, they will demonstrate the positive effect that their exchange experiences have had on the respective communities they represent. The women all come from different regions of Greece (Attica, Macedonia, and Thrace) and work in different fields. Each of the four films in the series shows a different sector where women make a difference. This is part of the State Department’s broader #BeBoldForChange campaign, pledging support and working toward better opportunities for women and girls. Commemoration of International Women’s Day reaffirms the U.S. commitment to promoting gender equality and advancing the status of women and girls around the world.

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