Youth Entrepreneurship Summer Program

18 July 2014

The Embassy of the United States of America in Greece supported the participation of ten high school students from Kozani in the 5th annual Youth Entrepreneurship Summer Program, organized by the Athens University of Economics and Business (

The program is designed to offer students practical learning on how a business works as well as general knowledge of the business world. During the program, professors and businessmen hold seminars and workshops to contribute their experience and knowledge on entrepreneurship.

A total of 45 students participated in this program, all of whom come from either a general lyceum or English-language IB programs, and have a strong interest in entrepreneurship.

Orestis Karagounis – "To begin with it was my first experience of a university-student's life and quite enriching. Secondly, I acquired a great amount of knowledge in order to establish and run my own company, cooperate with other people that I didn't know, develop my critical thought and leadership skills, change the way I think into a more innovative and creative one and finally one of the most important advantages I made some new, incredible friends. Apart from gaining theoretical knowledge we also gained some practical while trying to build up our own start-up company working in teams efficiently. However the most enjoyable and interesting part for me was when other young people who established their own enterprise were sharing their experience with us, mainly because they proved us that nothing is impossible when the ingredients are passion for what you do and hard work, in few words it made the program more pragmatic and realistic."

Nikos Siropoulos – "This project proved to be very stimulating and beneficial for all the participants. By a variety of interesting lectures, business games and further activities we became accustomed to the world of entrepreneurship and innovation. Some of the aspects we managed to have is mainly that we were taught on how to develop, extend and work on a specific idea as a whole team or as members of our own business. Furthermore, by a series of presentation we enhanced our communicating skills and abilities, but we also learned how to be more confident in front of an audience and in front of our future customers."

Gkoutzioti Foteini -- This program taught me how to cooperate and work effectively with a team of people that I didn't know before, in order to achieve a certain goal. It also changed the way I think, regarding the way I deal with a problem. But the most important thing that this program can give you, is the opportunity to start your own enterprise in the future, because of the knowledge and the experience that you can get from it."

Panagiotis Arampatzis – "The benefits of this program are too many to articulate and fully enunciate, but the most pivotal of them are, firstly, the immense acquisition of financial, managerial and entrepreneurial attainments that are bound to be indispensable from now on. Secondly, a chance for us to meet and establish friendships with students from other corners of our country and therefore develop cooperational bonds with them. Lastly, very enlightening has been the speech young entrepreneurs have given us about the establishment of their businesses and the problems they faced, making the entire experience much more realistic."

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