Battle of the Best Athens 2014

15 November 2014

The Battle Of The Best Athens 2014 celebrates 10 years of life and returns to reward the best. The Festival returns fullυ updated, in a new space with many innovations. The venue that will host the festival is the Auditorium of 9.84 in Athens Technopolis - Gazi.

The Festival will be held Saturday, November 15th. It includes Breakdance 1 vs 1 and 5 vs 5 contests where dancers from all the Balkan countries and the winners will take part, and which will highlight global judges, rich prizes and gift certificates.

This year it includes a breakdance contest 1 vs 1 for beginner students up to the age of 15, to give them the opportunity to participate and take the lead. The important thing is that the prize winners of the 5 vs 5 will represent Greece and the Balkans in the global competition FLUIDO JAM in Rome with all expenses paid. As part of the Festival the Streetdance Theatre Vol. 7 will take place, where the top teams / dancers will show streetdance choreographies without rules and restrictions demonstrating that dance, above all, is art. The festival ends with perhaps the most exciting contest, the All Styles Battle 2 vs 2, which couples with different street dance background trying to impress judges and audience in different genres that are required to demonstrate their skills.

The Festival this year has secured five world-renowned judges. From the United States, one of the world's best Poppers, Kid Boogie. Second judge is from Bulgaria, the winner bboy Slav Redbull Bc. From Italy, the Byron one of the most respected names in the Italian scene with long experience, while Fabio along with Monkey D from the elite team of Fluido Jam.

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