Applied Design Roundtable

22 February 2015

"Work hard and be nice to people"

On Sunday, February 22nd at 4pm, Innovathens welcomes the 1st Applied Design Roundtable

In the aftermath of World Information Architecture Day, the distinguished designer and art director Tobias Van Schneider (Spotify, Memomi, Semplice) along with his Greek counterparts: Michael Provelengios (Proplusma Arkitektones), Janetto Petropouleas (president Greek Graphic Designers Association), Stavros Damos (illustrator , graphic designer), George Theodorou (graphic designer, visual artist, professor AKTO) and Elias Meletis (web designer) will discuss how the growth of the creative economy is directly dependent on the constructive dialogue, constant collaboration and healthy competition. In short, how a vision can become reality.

This discussion is organized by the Design Toolkit and Ad Axem, with the support of the US Embassy in Athens. During this round-table discussion we will discuss about the exchange of expertise among professionals of information architecture and design, and the fair play in a small market in Europe

If you are in Athens on February 22nd, join us at 4pm in Technopolis; you will only encounter friends!

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