15 October 2015

The "Interdisciplinary Centre for Aristotle Studies" (DIKAM) of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) is proud to announce the World Congress "Aristotle 2400 Years" to be held on May 23-28, 2016 at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in ancient Stageira, the birthplace of Aristotle and in ancient Mieza, the place where Aristotle taught Alexander the Great.

The aim of the Congress is to advance scholarship on all aspects of Aristotle's work; a work whose impact is unique in size and influence in the history of the human intellect and which continues to be present in the intellectual evolution of Western civilization, thus becoming an integral and essential part of its cultural heritage. Furthermore, the reading of Aristotle's work in the light of new discoveries in contemporary sciences can enable us to build the conceptual bridges between scientific thought and philosophical reflection; it can also offer the paradigm par excellence for an interdisciplinary approach of knowledge. The organizers invite papers on all aspects of Aristotle's philosophy. Particularly welcome are interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches of the Stageirite's work.

NEW Deadline for "Abstract & Paper Submission": OCTOBER 15, 2015

Given the fact that we celebrate the 2400th anniversary of Aristotle's birth, we extend a warm invitation not only to Aristotle scholars and students worldwide, but also to those who are interested in making an acquaintance with the Stageirite's work. We believe that this work deserves to be known for its longstanding influence, as well as for its relevance for the 21st century and its potential to lead us to a deeper understanding of concepts, ideas and problems of our own era in a global scale.

Greece has recently been experiencing difficult times. However, this has not made us, even for a moment, stop working for the successful organization of our Congress. We firmly believe that it is our duty to do so; especially under these circumstances, it is extremely important that we highlight our intellectual and cultural heritage, which is, at the same time, an integral part of the cultural heritage of the whole world.

The Congress will be the high spot of all events to be organized worldwide in 2016 for the celebration of the "Aristotle Anniversary Year", as it has the unique privilege to be held at the Aristotle University, which bears the Stageirite's name, in ancient Stageira, the birthplace of Aristotle and in ancient Mieza, the place where Aristotle taught Alexander the Great; nonetheless, because leading Aristotle scholars on a global scale are participating as Invited Speakers and as members of the Honorary and the Scientific Committee. Furthermore, there is already an impressive number of contributed papers from an equally impressive number of countries all over the world.


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