29 January 2016

A retrospective is an exhibition that displays most of the work of an artist's career. Typically arranged chronologically and later in an artist's life, retrospectives treat art viewers to the progression of the work usually in a single space, but this retrospective differs widely. To begin with, to celebrate Blanka's 20 year artistic trajectory, from January 6 through March 6, 2016, her work will not be displayed in a single space but rather, it will be showcased in 20 different spaces in Athens; places that she frequents and loves in the city, such as tavernas, book shops, clothing stores, cheese shops, barbershops, art supply stores, as well as unique social projects in her neighborhood.

Locations: Αbanicο ~Angelakis, Chr. & M. ~ΑΡΙΑΝΑ ~ART CENTER ~ASCLAYE ~Dark Side of Chocolate ~ILias barbershop ~EXILE ROOM ~To Fthino Ypogeio ~KARRAS ~Lexikopolio ~Makedonikon ~Η Μουριά ~ Paradosiaka Proionda Manis ~Taqueria Maya ~THESIS 7 ~SKOROS ~To Sofo Psalidi ~Steki Metanaston ~Xiropoiiti Korniza

And in the spirit of collaboration she will invite 20 artists/creatives, to document, through photography and written accounts, each chosen location; invited artists/creatives will be asked to share with us the history of each chosen space as well as a brief mention of the selected artwork displayed in that particular location, or anything else they may desire. Furthermore, the unique documentation created by them will be shared via social media (facebook and tumblr) and some of the photos/text will be on view during the closing event.

Creative collaborators: Βασιλική Βαγενού , Άρης Μαλανδράκης , Δέσποινα Παυλάκη , María Galvan, Ηλιας Ζαϊμης, Παναγιώτης Βούλγαρης , María José Martínez, Γιάννα Τζιβελέκη , Serena Davis , Μαριέττα Καλλονά, Christina Ramirez, Mελίνα Σιδηροπούλου, Άγγελος Αντωναρόπουλος, Mary Cox, Μεγακλής Ρογκάκος, Nina Franco, Δημήτρης Θεοδόσης , Σωτήρης Παπανικολάου, Geeta Roopnarine, & Θοδωρής Πιτσιλής.

Due to the nature of this distinct retrospective, there will be no opening. Instead, we will host a special closing celebration at Taqueria Maya in the center of Athens on March 6!!! There we will unite shop owners, invited artists/creatives, art enthusiasts, friends and the general public. We hope you will join us in celebrating those locations that make Athens a special place and that for two months graciously hosted original work by artist Blanka Amezkua.

For more information we invite you to visit and follow blank(A)expressions in TUMBLR: & FB: Blank-A-expressions

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