Relics/ Distant nature

5 March 2016

Duration: 5th March – 1st April 2016.
Opening: Saturday 12th March 2016, 18.00 – 20.00

Our perception of nature in the urban environment can be ambiguous as we coexist and interact in a planned, constructed and artificial cityscape where nature exists mostly as a result of continuous transformations, multiple deaths and regenerations. From the balcony of our flats to the narrow sidewalks and the almost abstract stripes of plantation such as the hills of the city, the manmade parks and the suburban gardens, there is a constant struggle for space between humans and nature.

The artists explore those areas of coexistence but also engage with the subject of time and its cyclicality, where the aging of hardy plants mirrors the slow degradation of the architecture, from suburbia to the historical center. The artworks are devoid of human presence that is at the root of the transformation and violation of these landscapes.

The neglected suburban villas where nature has almost orgiastically prevailed in the paintings by Mary Cox pay homage to the passing of a vernacular architecture that was born of a different time, if not a more promising trajectory of economic security.

In Panagiotis Voulgaris' installations an allegorical environment has been shaped where plants taken from the bed of Ilisos River have been placed in a process of degradation, in dialectic with found objects from the area, as an ontological and topographical attempt to approach this marginal place at the center of the city.

Mary Cox is an American artist living in Greece since 1993. Her work in painting and mixed media addresses social themes usually relating to the city of Athens. 

Panagiotis Voulgaris is an Athens based artist with studies at Fine Arts (BA) and Architecture (MA) who works at the fields of Installation Art, Architecture and Public Space, Video and Photography. 

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