Made in USA

23 November 2016

The American avant-garde at the OCC. From Harlem to Seattle, from straight to queer, from "Hamlet" to Social Media. The other face of USA. Discover it!

Made in USA is an interdisciplinary festival which seeks to introduce us the "new" American avant-garde, artists who have impacted contemporary performing arts scene since the late 1990s with their cutting edge stage forms at the borderlines between theatre, performance, dance, cinema, and installation.

Radical experiments with repertory pieces, explorations of the popular culture, atypical approaches of the early postmoderns at Judson Church, sophisticated uses of new technologies but also of participatory techniques which critically blur the distance between performers and spectators, are some of the main themes of this platform.

At the same time, a symposium and a parallel programme of workshops, masterclasses and artists talks will explore this experimental scene at a historical moment of social and political turbulences both in the American and global level.

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Katia Arfara
Artistic Director for Theatre and Dance at the OCC

Concept and Artistic Direction of the festival: Katia Arfara
Production management: Dimitra Dernikou
General technical management: Lefteris Karabilas
Line production: Vassilis Panagiotakopoulos
General Coordination and Symposium Organization: Marina Troupi
Workshops and Artist Talks Coordination: Myrto Lavda, Eleanna Semitelou
Assistants to the Line Production: Despoina Sifniadou, Irilena Tsami

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U.S. Ambassador Pyatt to American Citizens on COVID-19

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