Masterclass of Oscar-winning Nathaniel Khan

28 September 2018

The American director of the award-winning “My Architect” arrives in Athens to present his new documentary and discuss with the public about the relationship of the movies with real life, visual art, architecture and art as a whole.

If each artwork has its own price, then who decides about it? And if the modern artistic world is now tuned into a ruthless stock market, who is to blame? Provocative questions along with revealing answers will be provided by Nathaniel Khan with his documentary “The Price of Everything”, which will be screened at the 24th Athens Film Festival - Premiere Nights.

14 years after claiming his Oscar award with “My architect”, Nathaniel Khan returns triumphantly to the documentary sector. His new film is a truly revealing chronicle of the unscrupulous backdrop of contemporary art and the numerous cartoons who have transformed this world into a stormy stock market.

By interrogating artists, gallerists, museum curators, collectors and critics with the most critical and inconvenient questions (among them speaks Jeff Koons, Gerhard Richter and Larry Poons), Khan invades with his camera in the modern artistic scenery and prepares an ironic and highly enlightening commentary on the commercialization. However, he also gives the deepest essence of art, the one that usually escapes those who claim to own and manage it.

 On the presentation of his new documentary, Nathaniel Khan will visit the Premiere Nights for a masterclass on “The 24-Count Truth“. The director will talk about the relationship of cinema with real life, visual art, architecture and art as a whole.

The masterclass will take place on Friday, September 28, at 12:00, at the "Friends of Music" Multi-Club, at the Athens Concert Hall (Vassilissis Sofias & Kokkalis, Athens). The discussion will be coordinated by Ileana Tounta, owner and director of the Ileana Tounta Center for Contemporary Art, and member of the Board of Directors of the Sports and Youth Culture Organization of the city of Athens, as well as the Visual Arts Committee for the museums of the municipality of Athens.

The event is sponsored by the US Embassy Athens and the entrance is free.

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