7th Biennale of Young Greek Architects

13 January 2013

The 7th Biennale of Young Greek Architects is characterized by a large number of submissions which include a considerable percentage of proposals of a high standard, in compositional and technical terms. The exhibition which runs until January 13, 2013, at the Benaki Museum, presents 71 projects, as well as 76 preselected projects, out of a total of 289 participations, chosen by the committee, namely the architects N. Kalogeras, A. Kotsiopoulos, P. Dragonas, S. Gyftopoulos and P. Pagalos.

A first such characteristic is the quantitative predominance of residential architecture, which form the major bulk of each exhibition. Seeing that as of recent, contemporary Greek residential architecture is being recognized for its refined design and execution, this is certainly a positive and welcome development.

At the same time though, it is also indicative of another, negative characteristic, that of a continuing absence of important public projects in Greece. It is obvious that in Greece architecture for the public sphere is not really generated. Therefore, Greek architects, especially young ones, do not partake in the construction of the public aspect of their cities, but only sporadically, through Europan or the infrequent competitions for open urban spaces and squares.

Best not forgotten, that the hundreds of graduates from Greek architectural schools, as well as from abroad, comprise a vast potential, which though cannot be absorbed in its totality, due to the current situation, could certainly contribute to a more balanced and qualitative approach to the environment - if we still consider architecture to be an essential cultural factor.

Curator: Elias Constantopoulos

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