15th Thessaloniki International LGBTQ Film Festival (2013)

21 September 2013

The "Thessaloniki International lgbt-q Film Festival" was born in 1999 (initially named as «LGBTI Film Panorama and Parallel Events»), as an initiative of the association «Sympraxi / Co-operation Against Homophobia», in collaboration with the «International Thessaloniki Film Festival». It takes place each year in the Cinema Museum of Thessaloniki, in the harbor.

Today, the Festival is organized by the society "SYMPRAXI – Partnership for Gender Issues" and the «International Thessaloniki Film Festival» as part of the cultural events of SYMPRAXI, "Cultural Panorama for the Gender".

The "Thessaloniki International LGBTQ Film Festival" and its parallel events wish to deal with the interests, needs and desires of gay – lesbian - bisexual – intersexual citizens (women and men), as well as the difficulties these people have to deal with because of a dominant homophobic feeling and an ideological and implemented social (and individually embodied) hostility. In order to achieve these objects, the "Thessaloniki Cultural Panorama for the Gender" and the Film Festival supports the cultural expression, the social dialogue and the development of citizen's depictions.

Friday, 20th of September to Sunday, 29th of September 2013 in the Hall of the Thessaloniki Film Museum – Cinémathèque. The program of the festival:

The event on Facebook :

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