Docs On Wheels

30 November 2013

The Exile Room puts wheels οn documentaries and starts an 8-month tour in several Athens neighborhoods and cities in the region, in cooperation with local government agencies, cultural organizations and with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Athens. The screening program entitled Docs on Wheels includes 10 stations throughout Greece with the showcase of 12 documentaries and more...

In our luggage will transfer all the experience we have gained from their projections in the last four years at the Exile Room, and a series of speakers who will be accompanied by their own knowledge of the subject they have chosen. The program touches on issues that affect us all, with no teaching mood and with particular attention to the aesthetic result: We'll talk about love and the new model of the modern family, for the children of war, ecological murders and losses during the financial crisis, all from completely unexpected angles.

MOVIES: The Interrupters (2011) of Steve James, Inside Job (2010) of Charles Ferguson, Bully (2011) of Lee Hirsch, The Cove (2009) of Louie Psihoyos, Always a Bridesmaid (2000) & First Comes Love (2013) of Nina Davenport, The Loving Story (2011) of Nancy Buirski, War Dance (2007) of Sean Fine and Andrea Nix

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