TedxKalamata 2014: limits

7 June 2014

Overcoming the limits and possibilities

Driven by words of Albert Einstein "Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them", "A World Beyond Boundaries" starts in Kalamata.

We recognize our limits and overcome them. This is the challenge of the third TEDxKalamata entitled "limits" and hosted on June 7, at Theatre of Ancient Messene, one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece.

The TEDxKalamata 2013 was the first TEDx in the world held at an archaeological site, which helped to distinguish the global list of "must seen to believe" events from the 5,000 TED events held each year. TEDxKalamata this year will be held at the ancient theater of the city, which was discovered by Professor Petros Themelis. "I want us to get to the point to touch the statues. Monuments disconnected from their site is an outdated idea" has himself has stated allowing us to welcome men of letters, science and the arts in a cradle of civilization.

This year's theme, Boundaries. The limits exist to define our identity and our cause. Personal limit , biological and physical limits, social limits, set by our position on the map, religion, language , taboos and social norms.

In 2014 the TEDxKalamata gets inspired by "ideas" that perceive limits and manage to overcome them. This is a challenging subject and stories of people who, despite the seemingly "given opportunities", managed to change the world by shifting their own boundaries and those of society. People who come to Kalamata to recount their personal experiences and to demonstrate that "even a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."


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