“I take photographs because I have no memory”

4 June 2014

A lecture by renowned Greek-American photographer Chris Makos

"The most modern photographer in America," according to Andy Warhol. From his mentor, Man Ray, to his most famous student, Andy Warhol, the renowned photographer has captured the New York art scene since the 1970s, the punk-rock scene of the 80s and 90s in the U.S., as well as the architecture and art life of major European cities.

Wednesday June 4 at 19:00pm
Entry is free with priority tickets
Distribution of free tickets will start at 5:30pm
Interpretation in Greek will be available

Artist and poet Demosthenis Agrafiotis will be the moderator of the event.

Chris Makos will then travel to the island of Tinos, for a presentation at the Costas Tsoklis Museum, on June 14, 2014, at 7:00pm

The Greek grandparents of Chris Makos (Christopher Makos) settled in Lowell, Massachusetts the '20s. They met at a factory where they were both workers and decided built their family there. Christopher Makos was born in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1948, grew up in California, and moved to New York in the late '60s after high school, without any plans or ambitions. As he used to say: "I was a hippy; I met someone who crossed the country with a Mustang and I said 'why not.'"

He studied architecture in Paris and briefly worked as an apprentice to Man Ray. "He taught me to trust initial impressions." Andy Warhol called Makos "the most modern photographer in America." New York of the '70s was the setting of a unique creative explosion. Makos became part of that setting and captured "a visual manifesto" and his relationship with the raw naivety of that decade. He connected with Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, who put their signature on that storm of creativity and Makos himself was the starting point for many developments in the American contemporary art scene. He became famous by making portraits with an element of immediacy, which was characteristic of that bohemian trend "that pushed you to be different, and not fear what you are."

At 66, he still has a youthful charm and a manic energy, and prefers to live in the now. "I am not a sentimental; i always wanted to live in the moment and I still do. I go where things go." He lived his entire life as a New York bohemian in the West Village, wandering alone in the city by bike and capturing its evolution through his lens.

His photographs have been exhibited in galleries and museums such as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the Tate Modern in London, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, the IVAM in Valencia (Spain) and the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. His pictures have appeared in magazines and newspapers, including Paris Match and Wall Street Journal. He is the author of several important books, like the volumes Warhol/Makos In Context (2007), Andy Warhol China 1982 (2007) and Christopher Makos Polaroids (2009.) More than 100 museums in the world have included his photos in their permanent collections and many collectors buy his photographs for their own private collections: Malcolm Forbes, Pedro Almodovar, Gianni Versace, etc. A photo of his with Andy Warhol and Liza Minnelli was recently bought by Sotheby's for $45,000 and another of Elizabeth Taylor for $30,000.

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