5th International Kinitiras Choreography Lab

14 July 2014

Labs, workshops and seminars and an independent choreographic project from 01.07.2014 till 25.07.2014.

Kinitiras Choreography Lab, creating a multicultural environment, is an important innovation within the dance sector in Greece and internationally. It is designed as a self contained module (MA level) providing further development under the idea of life-long-learning. The Lab is designed as practical studio based module consisting of 45 taught hrs and a further 55 hrs of rehearsal and mentored work for a total of 100 hours. Participants follow a guided taught period of sessions led by international and high profile guest artists-researchers. The sessions have curricular progression, beginning with an introduction to "choreographic research", followed by a series of workshops and seminars on contemporary choreographic concepts and methods. Concurrently, participants develop a proposal for an independent choreographic project. The period of independent -participant(s) led study includes mentor support, in studio tutorials, group "sharings" and discussions. Throughout participants engage with reflective and critical practice including writing and archiving processes disseminated through the Kinitiras Choreography Lab blog. The outcomes of the Lab are shown to the general public in a presentation in the Studio open to the public. Participants receive a certificate of learning in line with the ECTS which details the learning hours and outcomes.

The Lab encourages artists to keep up with the three characteristics of creative production: ideas, practice and analysis, which are interdependent in artistic experimentation. The central aim of the Lab is to establish a community of artists that will continue the dialogue beyond the timescales of the Lab with a view to roll out the impact of the Lab on another level. This year, celebrating its 5th edition, the Lab is pleased to welcome artists who have contributed in some way to all of them, confirming thus that, since its inception, the Lab has been achieving this important aspect of its mission.
Admission and application

Submission of video/electronic (youtube/vimeo etc) sample of performance practice.

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