7+1 Community Dance

5 July 2014

A choreography workshop in Syros

The Akropoditi Dance Center of Syros, in cooperation with Jam Art company, invites "Syndesmos Chorou" to carry out the choreography workshop "7 +1 Community Dance" from 28 June to 5 July in Syros, Greece. "Syndesmos Chorou" consists of the renowned Greek contemporary dance groups: Amorphy, Lemurius, Ntalika, Prosxima, Fora, YELP, and Zita. The idea of the workshop was firstly presented with great success at the Kalamata International Dance Festival in 2011 and at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in 2012 & 2013 with the title "9+1".

The purpose of the "7 +1 Community Dance" workshop is to give participants the opportunity to come together through dance, to experience movement and the creative process, but also to take part in the making of a dance performance. During the seven days of rehearsals participants are divided into four groups and under the instructions of the three choreographers, undertake to create respectively 3 different pieces. On the last day of rehearsals, all participants and choreographers meet on stage and join the pieces they created into one performance. On July 5th the final outcome will be presented as an open to the public performance at Akropoditi Dance Center.

The workshop is addressed to all ages (8-80+), with or no experience in dance, to those who love movement, and to those who want to experience the making of a dance performance.

The "7 +1 Community Dance" in Syros will be conducted by the following groups:
• Fora - Μedie Μega,
• Zita - Iris Karayian,
• Lemurius - Katerina Skiada,
• Dallika - Vasso Giannakopoulou,
• Prosxima - Maria Koliopoulou,
• YELP danceco - Mariela Nestora,

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