Street Food & Tunes: Wednesday edition

24 September 2014

Food, drinks and music made in Brooklyn, NY

What does it mean Ramen Burger and where does it come from? What is Brisket and how is it cooked? On September 17th and 24th Mama Roux and chef Vasilis Sporos in collaboration with deΒό are going to initiate us to the authentic New York Street Food at Bar 42 at Street Food & Tunes, Brooklyn Edition Volume I & II.

The evenings will feature live music by Gumbo Ya Ya -Volume I- and Dimitris Papadopoulos Quartet -Volume II- who will take us to a unique journey to the most famous street food parties of New York.

Wednesday September 17th
Volume Ι

Street Food & Tunes Brooklyn Edition
Ramen Burger
bun from crunchy Ramen noodles, beef, sweet and sour sauce from black beans, baby rucola and fresh onion
Smoked Brisket Brioche
Smoked brisket in puffy brioche, with coleslaw, cucumber, chili and BBQ sauce
Korean BBQ Tacos (Dwaeji Galbi)
Mexican food inspired from Korea, BBQ χοιρινά spareribs, with kimchi, salsa fresca and sesame in soft corn tortillas

Wednesday September 24th
Volume ΙI

Street Food & Tunes Brooklyn Edition
Indian Kati Rolls
Chilly Tikka chicken with onions, green chili, lime, lettuce and coriander chutney on chapati Indian bread
Gua Bao
Taiwanese pork belly slider

Admission Info
The admission is free while the cost of the food is 4 € and the cocktails have happy hour prices.

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