Free electronic games for blind kids

29 January 2016

There are many games that help kids of all ages to become familiar with technology, opening new horizons in education and knowledge. But when it comes to blind children ... the picture changes.

The games that appeal to blind children are scarce and difficult to access. So, we want to change this by creating a series of serious purpose computer games (LEAP), which aim at:
• Increase of the blind children familiarization with the computer, making it accessible with a pleasant and interesting way,
• entertainment in a substantial way well-matched to their needs, while strengthening their education,
• improvement of the sense of space and orientation,
• highlighting their specific skills, expand their opportunities and ultimately strengthen their self-confidence,
• autonomy development and self-sufficiency,
• helping social integration, increase of interaction with their social environment, and with sighted children.

LEAP (Listen - LEArn - Play) is not only a series of computer games specially designed for blind children but much more. It is developed to be the base of a building that has to do with the creation of accessible PC games. The first step in this effort is : blind children to become familiar with the easiest way in the use of computers and also with three-dimensional sound.

•The first game, the Tic Tac Toe, teaches children to use basic keys of H / Y and also how to move to a two-dimensional sound space
•With tennis, children sense the movement and speed of sound through three dimensions and interact within it (binaural processing)
•The last game of this series, are educational and they combine the abilities and skills that have developed in the previous two games to transfers standard visual educational processes in the auditory space.

The LEAP is primarily addressed to:
•blind children, but can pleasantly be used by anyone
•relatives or whoever interacts with blind children,
•schools for special education or institutional bodies and organizations dealing with blindness,
•companies operating in related sectors (assistive technology, special education, computer games)
but also to all those who would find interesting to use it.

Besides, the code and the games are freely available and free to be exploited and developed by anyone. There will be available instructions, user manuals and documentation.


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