Kinect already on the Greek market

4 November 2014

Children can play their favorite video games not with a game pad, but with their bodies. This is what the last word of technology, Kinect, a product which is already available in Europe including Greece, offers. The new game system allows users of the Xbox 360 game console to get out of the couch and involve in the game physically. This sounded like science fiction until recently but it is reality now thanks to a special camera installed above the TV screen. Just days after the Microsoft product made its debut at a party on Times Square in New York it came to Greece to give joy to children ... and adults.

Kinect attracted the interest from the first day of its appearance on the Greek market. The 8-year-old Galini is having fun with the intelligent screen in the shop of Plesio on Syntagma in the late afternoon. The little girl is waving her hands and feet and is fully devoted to her pursuits. Her mother, Alexandra Iliopoulou has brought her to the shop to examine the latest developments in technology. While Galini is playing with the funny screen, Alexandra talks about how important it is for children to play computer or video games. "I think computer games are useful. Children develop. Their mind and attention develop. They learn words in English and, most importantly, become more observant. We play computer games at home together with my daughter and I myself noticed that I have become more observant. It is important, of course, to play games wisely...not to sit in front of the screen for hours. Kinect is certainly a very good solution.

According to IDC, Kinect will sell between 2.5 million and 3 million units by the end of the year. Microsoft's estimates of are even bolder. The company expects between 3 million and 5 million units to be sold.


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