The issue of climate change has been personal to me throughout my career. I regularly discuss it with foreign leaders around the world and my colleagues here in the United States. But this isn't a problem just for governments. It should be personal for all of us because it affects all of us. Therefore, climate change requires global cooperation and urgent action by governments and individuals alike.

Kerry told the annual U.N. conference on climate change in Lima, Peru, that pledges from the international community will exceed the initial Green Climate Fund target of $10 billion, including $3 billion from the United States. The fund will help the most overburdened nations do more to respond to climate change.

During a joint news conference following high-level talks in Beijing, Washington announced plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 28 percent by 2025. That goal, if reached, would bring U.S. emissions to levels below those in 2005.

Leonardo DiCaprio, himself a hybrid car owner, produced a film about global warming and serves on the boards of environmental organizations. Brad Pitt founded an organization to rebuild houses destroyed in a hurricane with ecofriendly materials. Harrison Ford traveled to Indonesia to take a firsthand look at the toll of deforestation in a television series about climate change.

"It's better to try to prevent a potentially fatal illness than it is to wait until the child gets the illness and is at increased risk for dying," Mofenson said. Older children are considered to be less at risk from malaria because they tend to develop natural immunity against the disease as they get older.

The report, released online July 17 by the American Meteorological Society, shows the vast majority of worldwide climate indicators, such as greenhouse gases, sea levels and global temperatures, continued to reflect trends of a warmer planet.

On June 28 NASA successfully tested its low-density supersonic decelerator (LDSD) off the coast of Kauai, Hawaii.



The rim surrounding Endeavour Crater on Mars recedes southward, then sweeps around to the east in a vista (above) obtained by NASA's Mars exploration rover Opportunity. This view is from high on the south end of the Murray Ridge portion of the crater's western rim.

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